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Sports Nutrition
Offers Kaizen sports and nutritional supplements for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Find prohormones, creatines and bodybuilding proteins.
1st Place Nutrition
Shop for a variety of sports nutrition products and supplements including Hydroxycut, Xenadrine and Myoplex. Explore the catalog.
American Family Physician - Effect of Caffeine
Details the statement released by the American College of Sports Medicine on the effects of caffeine on athletic performance.
Better Nutrition - 2000 Sports Supplement Guide
Better Nutrition examines the array of sports supplements to choose from and offers advice on its top picks for the year 2000.
Certified Sports Nutrition
Access articles, learn about training routines and diet programs, and buy supplements. Read the free newsletter.
EndurePlus Online
Archives and researches medical, nutrition, and fitness journals and current market trends. Listed by headline and date.
Fitness Online - Diets
Browse a selection of diets, advice and nutritional tips aimed at helping you reduce fat, build muscle and stay healthy.|60334326;g=z/http://www.fitn...
Fitness Online - Nutrients
Get advice on selecting and enjoying nutrient-rich foods and learn about the special dietary needs of women and body builders.|60334341;g=z/http://www.fitn...
Bodybuilding enthusiasts and athletes can purchase supplements and sports nutrition products. Selection includes brand name and discounted items,
Flex - Nutrition
Provides advice on diets and nutritional supplements to maximize muscle mass.|60334245;g=z/http://www.flex...
Gatorade Sports Science Institute
Members can access extensive information on sports nutrition and research. Read about the importance of hydration and join the organization.
Scan product categories to find protein products, nutrition bars and health supplements. Shop and place an order.
Health Sport Foods
Health enthusiasts can find nutrition facts, diet aids, fitness advice, wellness information, vitamins, and supplement supplies. Shop for minerals and essential oils.
House of Nutrition
Sells sports nutrition supplements. Browse energy, hormone and strength enhancers, protein and vitamin supplements, and weight control products.
IDEA Health & Fitness Source - Vegetarianism & Athletes offers an article that explains how to create a vegetarian diet suitable for athletes. Published in February 2000.
Lean Muscles
Offers fitness and diet products including books, videos, protein and creatine supplements, vitamins, and workout equipment.
Mad Raven
Discover this group devoted to helping amateur athletes maximize their potential. Find out about sports nutrition and peruse the message boards.
Men's Fitness - Nutrition
Find out how to combine a healthy diet and the right nutritional supplements to create a better body.|60338334;g=z/http://www.mens...
Men's Fitness - The Powders That Be
February, 1999 article provides details about nutritional supplements that may build muscle and improve training.
Men's Fitness - Victory Meals
Consult the game-day dietary habits of a variety of professional athletes. Includes quantities and some recipes.
Met-Rx - The Vitamin Shoppe
Buy creatine combinations, high protein bars and shakes, meal replacement shakes, sports supplements, thermogenic combinations, and high protein shakes from Met-Rx.|100135635;g=z/http://www.vita...
Muscle & Fitness - Nutrition & Supplements
Get expert tips on choosing supplements and designing a diet to support a fitness regiment.|60334459;g=z/http://www.musc...
Muscle & Fitness Hers - Nutrition
Read through articles with advice and tips on choosing healthy foods and supplements to go with a fitness regimen.|60332212;g=z/http://www.musc...
NL Nutrition
Discusses nutrition, energy bars, herbs and diets that can be used while training for endurance sports such as cycling and running.
Sport supplement manufacturer offers the Protein Revolution Bar, Pure Protein Bar and a carbohydrate-free potato chip.
Nutrition & the Athlete - Fluid
Learn about the importance of Fluid Replacement for the active individual. See the five basic rules and a table of commercial sports drinks.
Nutrition & the Athlete - Fueling
Learn about the importance of proper fueling before, after, and during physical activity. Review topics including fat and carbohydrate loading.
Nutrition & the Athlete - General
Offers important information and guidelines for pre- and post- game advise for training athletes. Scan the list of resources.
Nutrition & the Athlete - Vitamin
Explores the latest information of vitamin and mineral supplements for the active athlete. Learn how to eat without the need of additional pills.
Order nutritional supplements formulated to maximize muscle gain. Nutrient combinations include L-glutamine, L-arginine, and other anabolic nutrients.
Pinnacle Sports Nutrition - The Vitamin Shoppe
Buy Pinnacle creatine combinations, high protein shakes, sports supplements, methoxy/ecdyvone, and whey protein. Order online or by catalog.|100135857;g=z/http://www.vita...
Prolab Sports Nutrition Products - The Vitamin Shoppe
Buy Prolab high protein bars, high calorie shakes, meal replacement bars and shakes, methoxy/ecdyvone, sport shakes and supplements, and thermogenic combinations.|100136150;g=z/http://www.vita...
Source Naturals - The Vitamin Shoppe
Buy Source Naturals carnitine, creatine singles, GABA, glutamine, lysine, thermogenic combinations, and n-acetyl cysteine products. Order by catalog or the Internet.|100136498;g=z/http://www.vita...
Sport Pharma Products - The Vitamin Shoppe
Buy the Sport Pharma amino complex, BCAA complex, high protein bar, high protein shake, thermogenic combinations, and whey proteins, all at The Vitamin Shoppe.|100136511;g=z/http://www.vita...
Sports - Carbohydrate Unloading
Read the report Carbohydrate Unloading: A Reality Check, by Ellen Coleman, RD, MA, MPH and learn the facts on low carb, high protein diets.
Sports and Nutrition: The Winning Connection
Center for sports nutrition information discusses meal planning, diets and maintaining fluids. From the University of Illinois Extension.
Sports Nutrition - Fuel for Active People
Enjoy the Article "Sports Nutrition: Fuel for Active People" by Kathy De Luise, RD. Learn to enhance athletic performance, see sample menus.
Sports Nutrition - Part Two
Read the continuation of Fuel for Active People and learn about vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Also discover the importance of water.
Sports Nutrition - The Vitamin Shoppe
Browse body building supplements and nutritional bars by makers such as Pinnacle, SportPharma, and Muscle Tech. Make a purchase and read articles on fitness.|100107390;g=z/http://www.vita...
Sports Nutrition in the Nineties
Read the column for fitness enthusiasts, by Jean Fremont. Learn to chose food plan for optimal performance, weight, and nutrition.
Sportscience - Compeat
Archived collection of articles which offer advice, diets and analysis on the ever changing world of combining dieting with sports training.
Supplement Success
Get price comparisons on sports nutrition products, such as Myoplex Lite and Deluxe, Riboforce and Betagen. Link to the featured stores.
Vegetarian Times - High-Energy Fitness Foods
Find out which foods may give athletes an added edge. Includes recipes.
Vegetarian Times - Stay in the Game
Article outlines strategies for preventing sports-related injuries by preparing the body head to foot.
Vegetarian Times - The Winning Combination
Outlines vegetarian nutrition guidelines that address the special requirements of athletes.
Wholesale ProShop
Retails exercise products, fitness guides, and sports and nutrition supplements. Search for recipes, general merchandise and articles.
Xenadrine-Hydroxycut Comparison -
Article compares the bodybuilding supplements Xenadrine and Hydroxycut. Designed for weight loss, these pills work as fat-burning catalysts and appetite suppressants.

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